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Well it needs four walls


Do you know what kind of crazy beautiful things can happen when a woman is feeling empowered? - I do and it's bloody awesome.


Your car doesn't go anywhere without fuel, does it?​ Well, we don't go anywhere in life without motivation.


The truth matters! Pure and simple.

It can hurt, that's for sure, but without being honest with ourselves, we can never be true to ourselves 


How do we learn, if not from experience? It doesn't have to be our own, we can learn from others and more often than not, it's the best way.


You know when you watch those movies with all the cheerleading in, although not always from cheerleaders. You know the ones, there is usually a guy trying to win over a girl but buggers it up and then just at the very end his best mate is all 'Go get 'em tiger!' or the loner girl that can't quite fit in and then has this massive realisation that she has been trying to be someone else the whole time and her sister says 'Just be you, because you are amazing!' and she goes out and gets the job of her dreams, or when a sports team is losing every game in a season until a new coach comes along and gives it the old 'Let's kick some ass!' speech.

Well, that is what I do. I am the best friend, the sister, the coach and the cheerleader. I will pep you up, keep you motivated, and cheer you on for as long as you need me. The personal trainer for your mind, heart and soul if you will. 

What I won't do, is tell you what you want to hear, but I can promise you, I will tell you what you need to hear. According to spiritual law - like attracts like. So be prepared to put the work in, my guidance will not come without some serious work on your part. I am not a quick fix, and quite frankly neither are you nor should you want to be.

Be prepared for a holistic experience of ancient discovery for use in the modern world. A journey that will shine a light on what you really want, and how to achieve it. I am a storyteller, a truthsayer, an empowerment warrior and my job is to help you grow out of the dark into the truest version of yourself.

I have been to hell and back and I can confidently say with pride, that I am living my best life

Can you?

 Beliefs are awesome, they can be the driving force behind so many exceptional things we do in our life. They can direct us in our approach to people, work, pleasure and goals....BUT, there is never light without dark, and so our beliefs also have the power to dictate how we speak and show up to ourselves, others and, our goals in a negative way. These little buggers are self-limiting beliefs and ain't nobody got time for them.

Fear not, just like a belief can be built, it can also be knocked down and rebuilt if you want...but you have to WANT, this is your choice. Beliefs are funny things, they can be cultivated, grown and made but they can also be given, whether intentionally or not. So be careful with your beliefs, check-in with yourself now and again to see if they are in fact your own or whether someone else gave them to you.


So where do we receive our beliefs from? Well, in the exact same places and from the exact same people we receive our learnings or information from. Often our parents are the greatest givers of beliefs. Have you ever asked -  'Mum, why do we do that?' and the response was 'Because that's what we do.' - Well that my friends, is a belief. Right there! Being gifted to you to pass down to generations to come. Just like it was passed down from your ancestors to your Mother.

True Beliefs are sacred to each one of us individually. True Beliefs have come from personal experiences; heartbreak, pain, love, self-development, and every other understanding we have had in our lives. Keep your 'True Belief' safe, keep it watered, keep it flowering, keep it growing, and one day your garden will be in full True Belief bloom all year round with not one weed of self-limiting belief, anywhere to be seen.


That I believe



There is magic all around us, in everything we do, everything we see, everything we smell, taste, hear and feel - you just need to be open to it. Take in every little detail of life, for that is the magic.


How we show up to the world is how it will receive us. So, be confident in presenting to the world the truest most authentic you. There is only one you. You are one-of-a-kind!


Cuts, bruises, dry skin, stressed out, broken heart, feeling meh?

Water not only heals our body but our souls too. Whatever the problem, big or small, dive right in and wash that shit away!


My G-ma once told me that when you find a white feather it has come from your guardian angel. Whatever your beliefs, remember, there is energy bigger than all of us - let it guide you.


Our style is our first line of defence. Need that new job? ROCK those power heels. Want that guy at the bar? SLAY that red lip. Feeling down? STRAIGHTEN that crown.


We are born alone and we die alone, and therefore we must live a life we are proud of and love. So, do what you want, when you want, how you want, just make sure not to be a dick to others.


You don't need to be a genius to know that mother earth was here before us and will be here long after us. So respect her! Just like you would any of your elders, for she is the giver of life to us all.


Nobody likes a copy-cat, but everyone loves an inspo queen. Moodboards, framed quotes, journaled goals, magazine tear-outs, photos of 'paradise', are all food for our motivation.


 Confidence leads to greatness 


To all that make it possible for me to share my words, experiences, vision,
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