~ I am on a mission ~

If I tell you once, I'll tell you a thousand times, in fact, I'll tell anyone who will listen. Confidence leads to greatness. 

There is nothing more inspiring than a woman that knows her own worth. We are the power in this world. We have been the pillars of support for our friends, families, lovers and communities. Often forsaking our own wants, needs, desires and dreams. We have created, nursed and welcomed every new being onto this planet for centuries. We shouldn't have to take shit from anybody, because we have a strength that can build or break empires. We are wild women!!

I am on a mission to empower women around the world to rediscover and embrace their innate wild side.

I dream of a day when no girl or woman is ever told what to be, what to say, or how to behave. A day when being whomever you want to be is accepted and rejoiced. A day when each and every woman unapologetically shows up as her truest most authentic self.


I want to help EVERY woman take back their power, to stand tall and proudly say... 

I am a wild woman!

To all that make it possible for me to share my words, experiences, vision,
and stories with the world. I am honoured to have recently been featured in:
Oh so very grateful...

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